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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 18, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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are learning about the investigation. and other shakeup at the white house, steve bannon is out. heartbreaking news, wait until you hear about a loved ones presence in barcelona during yesterday's deadly terror attack. good afternoon, everyone. we begin with a new development in the barcelona terror attack. we have learned that a man from lafayette is among those killed. >> he was with his wife visiting a popular promenade at the time. they were separated during the chaos and his wife try to reconnect afterwards, but could not find him. the couple was vacationing in
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europe. tucker ran a swimming pool business with his father. the death brings the total to 14 killed. we are live in barcelona as the victims are being remembered.>>reporter: a moment of silence for the victims here in spain. the country skiing and prime minister among those mourning. victims include people from more than two dozen countries. >> we have now received word and confirmed the death of one american citizen and the terrorist attacks in spain amongst those who have been killed. >>reporter: the terror starting thursday when a van ran into pedestrians. isis quickly claiming responsibility. >> i heard a crashing noise and screams, i turned around and it seemed like an avalanche of hundreds of people starting to run. >>reporter: hours later authorities shot and killed five people wearing fake bomb belts, who carried out a car
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bomb. >> someone shouted police. within 30 seconds they came.>>reporter: and other bombing in another town being investigated, a crackdown has helped spain avoid terror attacks such as those recently hit and other european countries. a 2004 al qaeda inspired attack was the last islamic extremist attack in the country. people here are trying to move on since the attack. the area now open to the public, but with heavy security and a subdued atmosphere. >> in response to the attacks local police stepping up their patrols to make sure the people stay safe. the san francisco police department announced it will put more officers on patrol at popular tourist spots.
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you can stay with trail one for continuing coverage on the attacks in spain. we are working to bring you the latest information. we want to move to developing news that we have followed all morning long, one oakland firefighter is dead and another wounded after a shooting in san jose last night. >> the two were shot after leaving an event. we are live in san jose with the latest.>>reporter: oakland fire officials say five firefighters who were off-duty attending an event last night, when they left the event they crossed the street here and that is when they were confronted by a group of man, two of them were shot. it happened just after 9:30 pm last night. officials said on twitter it was an unprovoked attack. the uninjured firefighters administered aid to those shot.
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one firefighter who was 30 years old was later pronounced dead. the second firefighter had a single gunshot wound and is in single -- stable condition. oakland firefighters were seen early this morning headed to the south bay in a somber profession -- profession. -- profession. a live music event was held last night that the firefighters had attended. the headliner spoke to us this morning about the shooting.>> when i came out i thought two people laying on the ground in front of the store. a bunch of people around those two. >>reporter: police say the suspects ran from the scene, they have been working overnight with canines and a helicopter searching the area. witnesses tell us they saw police take a man into custody early this morning who was hiding out in the neighborhood. san jose police did not confirm how many people they did take
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into detention. they said they do not know if they are working with just one suspect or multiple suspects. they do not have emotive yet for the shooting. as for the surviving firefighter, we know that he is in stable condition and expected to survive. firefighter from oakland have been coming down to visit him today. meantime, we are learning more about those two firefighters injured, one shot to death and the other injured last night.>> we are live in oakland with the very latest on both of these firefighters.>>reporter: good afternoon, a very somber morning for oakland's fire department. you can see we are out in front of oakland fire station number one. the flags here flying at half staff. right now a news conference
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underway. representatives from the city of oakland speaking out, saying just a couple of minutes ago how deeply this is affecting the entire department. we also have video that we shot early this morning. lee and i both in san jose this morning. i watched as officers went from yard to guard in a neighborhood near where the shooting took place to look for evidence. a neighbor tells us a man showed up in her yard overnight and was hiding behind a garbage can and let her dart out of the are because he was barking. she told me early this morning that police took the man into custody around 1 am. we washed more than one dozen officers went in the back of a home around six the clock this morning. minutes later they did not appear to have anyone in custody. all of this following the overnight shooting. just now, the fire chief offered words to express just how deeply this loss is being felt by everyone within the department. we also spoke with oakland fire
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local 55, they released the following statement: firefighters are one big family. our hearts and prayers are going out to those families and our brothers. we will rally around them and support them. that news conference currently underway. we are hoping to get more information about the firefighters involved in this incident, but certainly they are saying they are keenly feeling the loss of their fellow firefighters. the fire chief went on this morning to thank officials in san jose for the help they rendered, the officials in santa clara county in trying to ease them through this terrible process. we want to move on to breaking news coming out of washington dc, more shakeup at the white house as the president reportedly told an aid that steve bannon is out. >> he helped the president when
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his election, but has become a controversial figure during his time as top advisor. this comes four months after the president removed steve bannon from his national security council. he is the former head of breitbart news. >> joining us this afternoon to talk more about the latest is the political science professor at sonoma state university. david, what do you think prompted this? >> what you have is the new chief of staff asserted his authority. general kelly is the disciplinarian and steve bannon has been the freelancer. as a freelancer giving unauthorized interviews in the last days, that has been an important component. usually we think of august in washington dc as a debt time, especially friday's and it has been anything but that. >> professor, we have talked about general kelly coming in
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and wanting to shake things up and write the ship. what do you think is next? >> one component is less just highlight one issue, the economic populism of steve bannon, someone who is willing to have a trade war with china. you need china to help you with north korea. several other people understand this and that has placed him at odds. one thing to watch is what happens to another person similar to steve bannon, stephen miller. he is a young upstart, very vocal and has been visible about pushing back on several components. he will be an important barometer of which way the president will go, someone to watch moving forward. >> professor, i want to follow up on steve bannon, how big of a role do you think the events in charlottesville and the president response to what happened played in the removal
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of steve bannon today? >> that is a very good question. you have the president come out and have the initial statement on saturday, wait 48 hours to reboot his presidency with his press conference that went completely sideways. steve bannon is someone who has whispered in the president ear, but he has the loser here. the winners would be those like jerry kushner, general kelly, moving forward those events of charlottesville and the events of the last 4-5 weeks, the healthcare bill, the attacks of different individuals, things that have gone on over and over, this president has not been able to right the ship. if they are going to do that you are going to need some stability on the political side and on the communication side. general kelly is trying to assert that discipline. it will be interesting to see what he does once he is outside
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of a lecture circuit. >> that is what i wanted to ask, is there some risk involved in getting rid of steve bannon? there was a report that came out that the president was nervous about firing steve bannon, because they do have him on the outside up the white house. what are the risks involved here, especially if you get breitbart news taking aim at the white house? >> that is right, breitbart and the reaction is that they are at war with the white house. if that will be their reaction steve bannon is someone who is a big inker. he is smart and thoughtful, someone who helps to move the right. if we are talking about the aftermath of charlottesville, having steve bannon on the outside is a big risk if you are a populace. that is going to push the president and challenge this white house, which so far has not been able to step up to the challenge.
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>> we always appreciate the conversation. thank you so much. still to calm, we will have more information on the firefighter killed in a shooting last night in san jose, an update coming from oakland about that firefighter and we are getting reactions to what happened out there. taking a live look outside, it is building up to be a warm day, a warm week, i guess for the latter part of the week. taking a look at a live picture, a pretty nice day out there. we will have your bay area forecast when we come back.
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we are following developing news out of finland where two people have died in a stabbing. police shot a suspect in the leg and arrested him after a knife attack. local officials say they do not know the motive behind the stabbing, but they are looking for more people who may have been involved, at least four others were hurt. officials say they are now stepping up security measures across the country.
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the young woman at the center of a police sex scandal has filed a lawsuit against the city of richmond. jasmin abuslin is the daughter of a police dispatcher and says she was a former teenage prostitute. she said teenagers -- officers exploited her and have sex with her when she was still a minor. last month she settled a lawsuit with the city of oakland . her lawsuit against the richmond police department seeks unspecified damage. this afternoon traffic has cleared up after a truck fire caused major backups overnight. the chp had to shut down southbound lanes of 680. it was after a big rig caught fire just before to the clock last night. that buyer also sparked a small grass fire nearby, no word on injuries. hundreds gather this morning to remember one of two
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virginia state troopers who died in a helicopter crash. it happened while troopers were monitoring the white nationalist rally last weekend in charlottesville, virginia. a funeral for one of the troopers with help this morning. a funeral for the helicopter pilot is set for tomorrow. at this point it is not clear what caused the helicopter to crash. three charities canceling fundraisers at mara lago mansion were. it is all part of backlash from the president's comments that were made, saying that both sides were to blame in charlottesville. the american cancer society cited a commitment to diversity. the other two groups to pull out are the cleveland clinic and a charity that raises money or emergency services in israel. the mother of the woman killed in charlottesville says she is not interested in visiting the white house because of the president's comments earlier this week. this morning she says she believes when the president said " old sides share blame "
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he was equating protesters with the [ null ] and white supremacists. she says she cannot forget the president for that. she says she has received calls from the white house and does not intend to return them. >> republican senators are criticizing the president, bob corker spoke to reporters yesterday, criticizing the president's recent comments. he says there must be >>reporter: radical changes in the white house. " >> the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability and competency that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. >> he is not the first to speak out against the president, senator lindsey graham and jeff blake have used twitter to criticize the president. we started off the week
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cool and great, but we are starting to see things warm-up very nicely. it should be a nice weekend. >> today will be the warmest. we see temperatures trend downward as we get into the weekend. we started out with morning clouds and now you can see we are partly cloudy to mostly clear. still cloud cover over san francisco and at the coast. 69 in santa rosa, 64 in san francisco, upper 60s in oakland. the areas where we have the sun shining the temperatures are nice and mile. the onshore breeze is a lighter one. we have the fog right along the coast over portions of the north. you can see at half moon bay it begins to clear and partly cloudy skies over areas of santa cruz. cloud cover over the city, and
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just write about the bay bridge we have some they are. as we get into the afternoon we will be partly cloudy at the coast and as we get into the afternoon temperatures are expected to come up just lightly. we will remain with 60s at the coast and lot of 70s and 80s around the bay. here is a look at the afternoon highs. gh 82 in redwood city, 70 in san francisco, low 60s expected for areas around daly city. looking ahead to the folder eclipse, the pattern remains in place where we are likely to see the clouds along the coastline, even a possibility
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inside the bay. if you want a good view go inland or the higher elevations. that is what we are seeing for now. here is a look at the extended forecast, there is the cooling trend, temperatures began to fall tomorrow. monday looks to be the coolest and a slight change on tuesday. the smart train will start rolling next week. why passengers are already talking upgrades. many people clean their dentures
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welcome back, a live look at the big board. taking a check of stocks. you can see the dow jones is down 45 points, it was down 100 points earlier in the trading session. there was a big bounce back, apparently investors pleased with the ousting of steve bannon earlier today. also, the s&p erased earlier losses in the trading session and is now trading relatively flat at this time, just about half an hour before closing. nearly a dozen people filed a class-action lawsuit against nestli, claiming that the poland spring water bottle is a colossal fraud. they argued the company misled consumers by labeling
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groundwater and spring water. a spokesperson said the water meets all relevant, federal, and state regulations for spring water. in 2003 the company was sued because advertising suggest that the water came from a source deep in the woods of maine, when in fact the principal source was located near a parking lot. commuters in the north bay will have a new option to get around next week, the new smart train is expected to begin service on friday the 25th. the new service spans 43 miles and will run from 4 am until 10 pm, during the week. it is the area's first regular rail service in 70 years. many commuters are hoping it will relieve traffic. >> they know when they leave their home they know what time they're going to get to their destination by train. you cannot do that on highway 101. >> fares on the smart train are half off until after labor day. commuters can also purchase
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unlimited monthly passes for $200. we are still learning more about two firefighters shot in san jose last night. coming up we will have the latest updates from the open fire department. controversy over a video involving sacramento police and a pregnant woman. what we are learning that happen moments before the cameras darted rolling. third graders today. their new gogurt tubes are easy open. and p.e. consists of sitting around on mats. hippies. oh, mom, making them eat their favorite snack in the back seat. whatever happened to "eating at the table?" that's what cup holders are for.
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we are learning more about two oakland firefighters who were shot after attending an event in san jose last night.>> they were shot on east taylor street. investigators say the two victims walked out and were confronted by a group of people want someone open fire. police announced they detained one suspect and are talking to witnesses. >> we do not know the motive or the circumstances, i think that will start to reveal itself as we talked to witnesses. >> three other firefighters were at the event and not involved. minutes ago the oakland fire department held a news conference about the shooting. >> they gave more information about those firefighters. we will be providing much more information coming up on the 4 on 2.
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we are still waiting to learn a motive. we want to move on to other news, a san jose -- san jose police arrested a father and son after finding 1200 pounds of illegal fireworks at their home. police say they arrested the 43- year-old and his 18-year-old son . police served a search warrant at the home after getting complaints about the use and possession of fireworks at the home back in july. we are learning more about a deadly officer involved shooting in livermore. investigators say officers shot and killed a man wednesday night. that man's at his mobile home on fire following a two hour standoff and then came out of the home with a rifle. that is when police were called to the scene. neighbors say the man was
12:31 pm
acting bizarre and challenging people to fight. police say they had no choice but to open fire. we have now learned he may have been upset about marriage problems. >> it is very scary to think it could have affected a lot of people, it affected my mother's house. it is sad that someone had to lose their life. >> police say a crisis negotiator was brought in to try to calm the man before the shooting. the man's name has yet to be released. three people have been arrested in connection with the shooting death of a hayward father killed while pushing history month old son. the 26-year-old of oakland and two others all facing murder charges. the man was shot to death back on july 19. according to court documents the suspects are all involved in a gang and police say the shooting was targeted. just a short time ago the open fire department held a news conference about two
12:32 pm
firefighters shot last night in san jose. >> this is a heartbreaking time for the department. what are they telling us about these two individuals? >>reporter: we are learning more about those firefighters. i can tell you from personal experience it is a very somber mood here at fire station one this morning or this afternoon, rather. firefighters usually take their duty seriously and are lighthearted, but today everyone is somber. you can see the firefighters paying their respects. the flag flying at half staff. we are waiting for oakland firefighters to release a statement containing more information. we have the name of the other firefighter, but at this time we are holding off until we are sure his family has been notified. we learned there was some sort of altercation.
12:33 pm
one firefighter died, the chief confirming there were five members from the same firefighting class all celebrating together. the chief that the three who were not hit in the gunfire rendered aid to their fallen brother. in the news conference the chief thank the authorities for their help and expressed how difficult it is to grapple with the loss so close to home. >> the result of this tragedy has left a summer cloud over the oakland fire department in the family members of those injured and deceased. we grieve for our lost colleague and wish for a speedy recovery for the individual that is injured. >>reporter: we have also spoke with oakland local fire 55 and they released a statement saying the firefighters are one big family and their hearts and prayers are going out to the families. they say we will rally around them and support them. we are still waiting for word
12:34 pm
from san jose police to learn more about the suspects or individuals that were detained or possibly arrested. we have learned that san jose police will be releasing more information about that at 2:00 this afternoon. now we want to go to sacramento and video released by the police department showing the moment a pregnant woman that she was injured by officers in a case of mistaken identity.[ clip playing ] >> sacramental police were conducting a search warrant on july 9 that led to the woman's apartment. a man who police believe with a suspect when inside and police follow. the woman was sitting outside the door and try blocking officers because she says her one-year-old son was inside.>> the officers grabbed the female by the arm and pulled her to the left where she loses balance.
12:35 pm
>> officer say they can tell through the reflection in the window that abraham fell on her own. officers kicked open the door and detained her mother's boyfriend, but he turned out to be the wrong man and police never located the wanted felon. fs oh making changes in response to a near disaster involving end air canada flight. the pilot of the plane lined up to land on a taxiway were several other planes were waiting to take off. the pilot aboard at the landing just in time, coming within feet of several planes deal with passengers. sfo says from now on at night at least two air-traffic controllers must be monitoring flights and pilots will not be allowed to make visual approaches. instead they will use the plane satellite navigation system. more than 600 people missing after a deadly mudslide
12:36 pm
in sierra leone. more than 400 bodies have been found since monday. government officials still warning residents of more much five and letting, since rain is expected for the next couple of days. mass funerals are being held for the hundred to have died and the president has declared seven days of national mourning. the japanese government tested an alert system for preparation of a possible missile launch for guam. in the test this morning warnings went out through loudspeakers and alerts were sent to devices and local government offices. the government threatened to a missiles near guam, but tensions have eased in recent days. it is a long road to recovery for aesop a man shot while on the job. >> more than half of his body was burned when he was electrocuted cleaning solar panels at a school.
12:37 pm
>>reporter: it is the little things that clifton clark looks forward to light taking his kids to school, making his wife coffee. >> right now i am feeling very grateful. i know the accident that i have has a very high fatality rate from what i have been told.>>reporter: back on july 1 he suffer catastrophic injuries. he owns a business that specializes in exterior maintenance and with cleaning solar panels. he was on a man lift when he accidentally touched a 12,000 v line exposed, electrocuting himself. >> i was knocked unconscious. the electrical currents that my clothing on fire. it burned about 50% of my body. >>reporter: he says at the time he felt like he was going to succumb until he thought of one thing that max >> in that moment my kids and my wife came to mind.
12:38 pm
i decided not to accept this. >>reporter: this room at santa clara medical center is where he called home. he was in a medically induced coma for two weeks, fighting for his life, undergoing a skin grafting surgeries. >> from the very beginning he has been tremendously motivated.>>reporter: his wife, michelle, never leaving his bedside. >> our life has forever changed. i don't know what is going to come down the road, but i know that we are a strong family and will get through this. >>reporter: he has more surgeries and physical therapy, likely in the hospital for another six weeks. he knows it will not be easy, but he is overwhelmed with gratitude for his family, his care, and second chances. >> if you are in an accident and it looks like the odds are against you, your life is worth fighting for.
12:39 pm
you too can be a miracle. >> he and his family are really something. the cardinals going a long way from the farm. >> we are catching up with the football team before they play a game down under. a nice-looking day around much of the bay area today. we will be back with your weekend forecast and monitoring the all-important solar eclipse weather coming up. we will be right back.
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a glimmer of hope, i guess? the giants beating the phillies last night. jarret parker came to play in the fifth inning with two runners on. [ clip playing ] >> the giants take game number one of the serious. matt moore take the mound tonight, the first pitch is at 7:15 pm. the a's were off last night, but will be in houston tonight. sean smith is facing felony assault charges, accused of an attack in pasadena last month. prosecutors say that smith beat
12:43 pm
up his sister's boyfriend and then stomped on his head. if convicted he could face seven years in prison. he is that to be arraigned next month. the stanford cardinals will head down under to kick off the season next weekend. >> they are playing the rice university owls and are pumped up with his experience of a lifetime. >>reporter: a college football game on the other side of the world, quite the opportunity. >> it is a business trip and we are going over there to get a win. any time you get to go with your teammates and explore something like that it is unbelievable. >> i have never been outside of the us. this is the furthest that i go from home in general. >>reporter: the cardinals have had a few weeks to get physically prepare, now it is about mental preparation. >> i am not really looking
12:44 pm
forward to the flight. >> do you speak australian? >> it is english, right? >> how was your accent? >> not even going to try. >> do we need to bring an extra socket to put our stuff in?>>reporter:@is for what is generating the most excitement ... >> definitely seeing some exotic animals. >> excited to see kangaroos. >> you have to stay away, you know that? >> i will watch from a distance. a couple guys say they want to try, but no. it seems like a bad idea. >>reporter: it will be will stop saturday night, touched down in sydney monday morning and naturally straight to the zoo. of course eventually it will all come back to football, the game and the college season kicking off saturday, august 26
12:45 pm
at 7 pm bay area time. >> that is a very cool experience for them. let's check in with rosemary to find out our forecast for us in the bay area. >> we have some great weather for our teams playing this weekend. we have some very nice weather for the afternoon, temperatures will be coming down, today is going to be the warmest day. when i say warmest we are talking by a few degrees. when we cool down it will be by a few degrees. giving you a look toward san francisco, low clouds are still in place. temperatures are a few degrees warmer for some, 61 in the city, upper 60s in oakland, areas like walnut creek in the upper 60s. the onshore breeze is with us, although not as robust as earlier in the week.
12:46 pm
looking over napa and we have a southerly breeze and an onshore breeze in oakland. storm tracker to continues to track the fog over portions of the north bay. we have partly cloudy skies, maybe just south of half moon bay. moving in a little closer in the last half hour we haven't seen a whole lot of changes. afternoon sunshine expected for most of san francisco. right there along the west edge we are looking at sunshine for most. temperature wise, 60s at the coast, low 70s to low 80s around the bay. here is a look at the numbers for you, napa will go to 85, sausalito at 73, 74 in alameda.
12:47 pm
if you are going to tahoe it is going to be nice with a slight chance for afternoon thunderstorms saturday and sunday with afternoon highs in the 70s. here is a look at your extended forecast, temperatures cooling a little bit by the first half of the weekend. as we get into monday it looks like we could have the coolest day. talking about the solar eclipse, not a lot of change expected. if you want a great shot without the possibility of cloud cover, go inland. we are now hearing from the family of a lafayette man killed during the terror attack in barcelona yesterday. >> we are live in lafayette
12:48 pm
after speaking with the man's family.>>reporter: we spoke with the father of jarret tucker. this morning they said i got the news they have been dreading, jared's wife making the confirmation. >> they show pictures of some of the people that were killed during the attack. they recognize one of the pictures as jared. about 30 minutes ago we got a text that she has been taken to wherever the body was an she literally confirmed it was jared. >> he and his wife were visiting europe for the first time. they were celebrating their first anniversary. apparently they were out on the streets of barcelona when he left to find a restroom. moments later a truck came plowing through, it was a terrorist attack. now we have learned jarret tucker of lafayette is one of 13 dead.
12:49 pm
>> i am not angry, it is just hard to fathom how this could happen, how anyone would want to do this to innocent people. we will just have to work through it one day at a time. >>reporter: jarret tucker also leaves behind three daughters. the family is very distraught as you can imagine. a series of barbershop conversations moderated by paul chambers received honors by the alameda county district attorney.>> i am so proud to call them nancy's heroes. >> nancy o'malley kicked off her reelection campaign at the fairgrounds says the form is helping to bridge relationships. the series features conversations about race, immigration, community policing,
12:50 pm
and violence. the weekend is almost upon us, we will tell you where all the fun events are when we come back.
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now is your chance to enter to win for general admission titian -- tickets to the
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museum. tickets must be used by september 15 of this year. to enter go to our ktvu facebook page and click on the contest link. injuries are accepted until 11:59 pm tonight. you must be at least 18 to enter, the price has an estimated retail value of $143.83 and provided by the california academy of sciences. one winner will be selected by random drawing on august 21, 2017. you can see the official rules at under contest. here in the bay area we have block parties, taco tastings, seemingly endless opportunities for fun this weekend. >> here is rosemary and arbor weekend watch. >>reporter: here is what is happening, in san francisco head to north beach for the annual festival, celebrate everything italian.
12:54 pm
it is saturday 11 am-5 pm. in the mission district check out the block party, over three blocks will be filled with live music and food and drinks. that festival is saturday, 11-6. in the east bay enjoy music, dance, and family fun at the arden soul festival happening in downtown oakland. experienced labors of grief at the 2017 greek testable. mediterranean cuisine, performances and dances will build the greek orthodox church. in martinez you will find the 48th annual art in the park. this is sunday, august 20. in the south bay the third annual silicon valley music and tocco festival is this weekend at st. james park from 11-8, saturday and sunday. last stop, the north bay.
12:55 pm
cinemark theater will feature the local restaurants in historic downtown on saturday from 12-3. that is your we can watch. taking a final look at stocks, it seems as though investors liked the removal of steve bannon as one of the president top advisors. he is now out of the administration and the dow jones industrial traded about 26 points lower and then jump 130 points on that news. again, investors seeming to like the news out of the white house today. city leaders in san francisco today will celebrate the completion of a project to make one street more environmentally friendly. the city made improvements along a stretch of holloway avenue and install pavement and rain gardens to catch storm water runoff. they also made the area more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.
12:56 pm
there will be a ribbon cutting and block party -- actually it took place a short while ago. the oldest person in the us is celebrating her birthday. she turned 114 years old yesterday and she celebrated with a visit from the governor of pennsylvania. gibson lives in huntington, outside of philadelphia. she was born in south carolina in 1903 and then moved to pennsylvania in 1928. she attributes her long life to her faith in god. >> can you imagine all the things she has seen? happy birthday to her. you may have another chance to become a multimillionaire. tomorrow night the jackpot climbs to $535 million. wednesday night's drawing no one match the numbers, making this one of the largest jackpots ever. your eyes are one in 293
12:57 pm
million, but you cannot win it unless you are in it. as memorials grow in barcelona the focus shifts to the bay. coming out we will hear much more of the father of a lafayette man killed in the terror attack. hope you will join me then. >> thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. have a great afternoon.
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finding today, imagine out you're pregnant after your water breaks. how do you prepare to be a mom in an hour? >> i got a phone call and i hung up. i thought she was joking. why it happens more often than you think. plus, hidden sugars in your favorite foods. >> it's two doughnuts' worth. 24 grams of sugar. dr. oz: how to remove them in just 14 days. this is really good. coming up next. dr. oz: we'll save lives today. you guys ready to get healthy? [cheers and applause]


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